PowClick is a URL shortener Which provides shortening service for internet users an opportunity to earn money by shortening and shareing their links anywhere on the internet. It is a global network, so, it allow users to monetize our websites, blogs by their links.

Now, we about talking about its payout rates, it was paying upto $1.7/1000 views for the world wide traffics. So, this network is also very good for those users whom other Url shortener are not offering good rates. and it counts multiple visits from same visitors and unique visitors within 24hours. The good thing about this network is, it pays for both unique and raw clicks which help publisher to earn higher revenue from their network.

Now we talking about users, if you don’t know the difference in unique or raw click, let me tell you, a unique visitor can click once in 24 hours. In more simple word, suppose a visitor clicks a shorten link once then it counted as a unique visitor click. But, If the same visitors can click on same links many time, then the first click is called as raw clicks.

So, This network count multiple visit from same user within a 24hours, and therefore, it lets you earn more revenue  from their network.

As far as talking about its payout rate, this network offer above average rates. the highest rate that this network was offering at the time of review was $4.80/1000 views. So, If you have visitors from their high paying zones then you can make an income from this network. this network also offers various great tools that help you to earn more revenue from their network. They provide all necessary tools that you seek as a publisher. The tools offered by this network are Quick Link, Mass Shrinker, Full Page Script, Developers API and Bookmarklet.

PowClick offer a very low minimum payout to users so that they can easily withdraw their earning. Also, they pay quickly to users via Paypal, Payoneer.  And this networks offer live stats, Daily payment, good referral commission, high CPM rates, excellent customer support, low cashout limit, etc. Review : Payment, Sign Up Free

  • Simple Details:

Network Type: CPC, CPM, Url Shortener
Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads
Minimum Payout: $1
Payment Options: Paypal, Payoneer
Payment Time: Weekly
Referral: 20%

  • What is PowClick?

PowClick is a completely free tool where you can create short links, which apart from being free, you get paid! So, now you can make money from home, when managing and protecting your links.


  • How much does PowClick pay you?

While writing this article, it was paying up to $5 per 1000 visits with the lowest CPM rate of $1.70 for the worldwide deal. I like PowClick because it pays on a daily basis and it counts multiple visits from same visitors. Its minimum cashout limit is only $1 Via PayPal, Payoneer. Powclick also offers some best features to all its users like Daily payment, good referral commission, high CPM rates, excellent customer support, low cashout limit, etc. Currently, it offers 20% referral commission to all its users to refer other users to them.


  • PowClick Requirements and Restrictions:

Do not click on your own shorten links.
Don’t spam any website using Powclick.
Do not create a redirect loop
Don’t use fake traffic with proxy, VPN, etc.
Don’t short any illegal content sites.
Do not place Powclick shorten links on any unlawful content sites.


  • PowClick Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats:

Currently, PowClick is a shorten URL service, so, it offers only interstitial ads as its solution to publishers. This network provides you two different shorten links to short your links, so, you can choose any of them to shorten your links.

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  • Best features offered by PowClick to publishers:

Good referral commission
Good support
High CPM rates
Easy to use, and earn money
Multiple tools
Live stats
Various payment methods
Easy to join
User-friendly ads


  • PowClick Payment Information:

PowClick offers a very low minimum payout limit to users so that they can easily reach this total and withdraw their earnings. The minimum payout on this network is only 1$ that even new users can easily earn with little efforts.


  • Powclick Payment Proof: Review: Payment, Sign Up free

  • PowClick Payment Methods and Minimum withdrawal limits:



  • PowClick Referral Program:

PowClick offers a 20% referral commission program to users.




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