Petty link is one of the best URL shortening for earning money online. it’s very easy to get started, you need to create an account, then shorten your link then star to earn money.
It is one of the great way to earn extra income (money).

Petty link is a great way to earn money at your home. So are you looking for a good,simple and high range or paying URL shortener or share it to your relatives or visitors using your youtube channel or website or any social media sites.

You have to create an account, create a link, and post it. For every visitor friends etc. The payout is as much as $12 per 1000 views and also you can get a 21% Referral Bonus.

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  • Details:
    Network Type: CPC, CPM
    Ad Formats: Banner Ads
    Minimum Payout:$5
    Payment Options: Paypal, bitcoins, skrill, payza bank transfer etc.
    Payment Time: Daily
    Referral commission: 21% extra income
    The payout for 1000 views: Up to $12 per 1000 views.


Petty link is a way to earn money on link shortening and it also give you offers and opportunity to monetize your website with high CPM rates and website and low minimum payout.



  • How much does Petty pay you?

Petty link offer high CPM rates from $12 per 1000 views. Plus, you can get a 21% Referral Bonus.depending on the users country.
I like Petty link shorten because it pays on a daily basis and it counts multiple visits from same visitors.It has the Petty Link Referral Program. Refer friends and receive 21% of their earnings for life.



  • Petty link Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats:

Currently, Petty link shows only banner ads to all its users, also it offers an advanced and live stats reporting system to all its users to earn money. Also its very helpful to check link stats, date, earnings, referral commission, etc.

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  • Best features offered by Petty link to publishers:

Good referral commission
Good support
High CPM rates
Easy to use earn money
Various payment methods
Easy to join
User-friendly ads
$21% extra commission



  • Petty link Payment Proof:

Coming soon…


  • Petty link Payment Methods and Minimum withdrawal limits:                                Petty link offer high CPM rates from $12 per 1000 views depending on the users country.


  • Petty link Referral Program:

Petty link also offers an attractive referral program to all its users to earn more money quickly, which is 21% referral commission for life, all you have to do is to refer other users to them.

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