Recommended is a URL Shortener based network which provide shortening  service, It is an Opportunity for internet user to make money online by shortening or shareing a links. it allows user to short their both adult and non-adult content links. So, anybody who want to make money through URL shorteners can give it a try.

Goshrt is a global shortener, So, users can monetize their worldwide  traffic. The payout rates offered by it are average, which means the rates are neither very high or low. However, the rates are good to earn some decent income from it. At the time of writing this review the highest rate that they were offering was 2$/1000views.

It is offered an easy to use advanced dashboard where users can perform different activitiy and see their links stats. It also offers competitive low minimum payout and referral program. Review : Payment, Sign up Free


  • Simple Details:

    Network Type: CPC, CPM, URL Shortener

    Ad Formats: Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads, Pop-Up Ads.
    Minimum Payout: $5
    Payment Options: Paypal, Payza, Skrill, Webmoney, Bitcoin
    Payment Time: Net 30
    Referral: 15%


  • What is Goshrt?

It is a URL Shortener, where user can make money easily by  shortening or sharing a long URL, user can share short URL anywhere on the internet, If any one can click on your give link, then it get paid for it.

Goshrt also offers a very simple sign up and approval process. To sign up on it, you just need to fill up an easy short form and submit it. After that you will receive an account activation email on your registered email that you’ll have to click on link to activate your account.

Once you have activated your account then you can start shortening and sharing your links to earn money. since, it is a URL shortening service, so, there’s no need to submit website for review and hence, any kind of approval is not required.

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Also, it allows users to shorten all kind of links including adult content links, so, there are no hard and fast rules for users, Users can simply monetize their any kind of links.


  • How much does Goshrt pay you?

Now, talking about its payment, it was paying up to $2 per 1000 visits with the lowest rate of $0.45 for the worldwide deal. Its minimum cashout limit is only $5 Via PayPal, Payza, Skrill, Web Money, Bitcoin, Bank Transfer. Goshrt also offers some best features to all its users like Mass Shrinker, Full Page Script, Developer API, etc.


  • Goshrt Requirements and Restrictions:

Do not click on your own shorten links for earning purpose.
Don’t spam any website.
Do not create a redirect loop.
Don’t use fake traffic.
Don’t short any illegal content sites.
Do not place shorten links on any unlawful content sites.


  • Goshrt Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats:

Currently, Goshrt is a URL Shortening Network, So, It offers only Interstitial ads as its solution to users. Their interstitial ads contain banner and Pop-Up ads.


  • Best features offered by Goshrt to publishers:

Good referral commission
Good support
High CPM rates
Easy to use, and earn money
Multiple tools
Live stats
Various payment methods
Easy to join
User-friendly ads Review : Payment, Sign up Free

  • Goshrt Payment Information:

It was paying up to $2/1000 visits.
Its minimum cashout limit is only $5.
Daily payment.
Good referral commission.
Currently, it offers 5% referral commission.
Pays using multiple payment methods.


  • Goshrt Payment Methods and Minimum withdrawal limits:

PayPal -$5
Payza -$5
Bitcoin -$5
Bank Transfer -$5


  • Goshrt Referral Program:

It offers a competitive 15% referral commission program to its users.




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