Getsurl is a URL shortener service which provide opprtunity to earn money online by shortening and shareing a link by them, It allows worldwide users to shorten their link and make money from them. This Url shortener offer high payout rates for almost every country. at the time of review the highest rate that they were offering was $10/1000 views. They offers some great tools to user that they cna use to increase their earning.

Some of the tools offered by this network are :- Auto Link Shortener, Mass Shrinker, Easy Links, Social Link Maker, etc. Review : Payment, Sign Up Free

Since, this Url shortener offers high rates for every country, so, users from low paying regins can also give it a try. The lowest rate that they offering during review that is $2, which is much better as compare to other URL shortener. This URL shortener also maintain a forum where you can see many latest payment proofs submitted by users.


  • Simple Details:

    Network Type: CPC, CPM, URL Shortener

    Ad Formats: Banner Ads, Interstitial Ads
    Minimum Payout: $5
    Payment Options: PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, WU, etc.
    Payment Time: Daily
    Referral: 5%


  • What is Getsurl?

Getsurl is a url shorting network, where you can earn money by shortening or sharing a link, if any user can click on your link, then it get paid for it. So, you can share link everywhere on the internet.


  • How much does Getsurl pay you?

While writing this article, It was paying up to $2 per 1000 visits with the lowest CPM rate of $10 for the worldwide deal. Its minimum cashout limit is only $5 Via PayPal, Bitcoin, Payoneer, Western Union, Vodafone Cash, Orange Money, Egyptian post Office, Etisalat Flous. Review : Payment, Sign Up Free

Getsurl also offers some best features to all its users like Mass Shrinker, Auto Link Shortener, Easy Links, Social Link Maker, etc.


  • Getsurl Requirements and Restrictions:

Do not click on your own shorten link.
Don’t spam any website.
Do not create a redirect loop.
Don’t use fake traffic.
Don’t short any illegal content sites.
Do not place Getsurl shorten links on any unlawful content sites.


  • Getsurl Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats:

Currently, Getsurl shows both interstitial or banner ads to all its users for monetising and earning extra income, also it offers an advanced and live stats reporting system to all its users to earn money. Also its very helpful to check link stats, date, earnings, referral commission, Referral, Dates, etc. Review : Payment, Sign Up Free

  • Best features offered by Getsurl to publishers:

Good referral commission
Good support
High CPM rates
Easy to use, and earn money
Multiple tools
Live stats
Various payment methods
Easy to join
User-friendly ads


  • Getsurl Payment Information:

It was paying up to $10/1000 visits.
Its minimum cashout limit is only $5.
Daily payment
Good referral commission
It offers 5% referral commission.
Pays using multiple payment methods.


  • Getsurl Payment Proof: Review : Payment Proof, Sign Up Free


  • Getsurl Payment Methods and Minimum withdrawal limits:


Web Money

Perfect Money

Bank Transfer



Western Union

Vodafone Cash


  • Getsurl Referral Program:

Currently, Getsurl also offers an attractive referral program to all its users, which is 5% referral commission, all you have to do is to refer other users to them.




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