Recommended is a URL shortener service which provides shotening service for all users on the internet. it is a best opportunity for all publisher and users to earn money by shortening and sharing their links.

It provides an easy to use platform to internet user and publisher where they can use their advanced tools to sort their links, maxmize their earnings and keep track pf their shorten links.

If you want to earn from them, You need to create an account on their website. Then, you need to short your links with their URL shortener tool. After that, you need to share your links anywhere on the internet such as on your websites, blogs, youtube channels, social media, etc. Review : Payment, Sign Up Free

Now, whenever a person clicks on your shorten links them you will get paid for it. If you are still finding it difficult to understand what is a url shortener and how to make money with them? then you can refer the below article that i have created for new users.


  • Simple Details:

    Network Type: CPC, CPM

    Ad Formats: Interstitial Ads
    Minimum Payout: $1
    Payment Options: Paypal, Vodafone Cash, Payza.
    Payment Time: Weekly
    Referral: 20%

  • What is CutWin? is a URL Shortener network, where you can earn from home by shortening or sharing a link on anywhere on the internet, if anyone can click on your link, then this network add some money in your wallet.(it get paid for it)


  • How much does CutWin pay you?

The earning potential is limitless which simply means the more visitors you bring to your links the more you will earn from their service. it is a global URL shortener, so, you can monetize you traffic with them.

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Now, we a talking about it payment, It was paying up to $2.80/1000 visits for the worldwide deal. and Its minimum cashout limit is only $1 via PayPal, Vodafone Cash, Payza, Coinbase. CutWin also offers some best features to all its users like Mass  Shrinker, Quick Link, Full Page Script and developer API etc.


  • CutWin Requirements and Restrictions:

Do not click on your own shorten links for earning purpose.
Don’t spam any website using CutWin.
Do not create a redirect loop.
Don’t use fake traffic.
Don’t short any illegal content sites.
Do not place shorten links on any unlawful content sites.


  • CutWin Advertising Formats and Detailed Stats:

Currently, CutWin shows only Interstitial ads to all its users to monetize with them,their worldwide deal is very attractive where they are paying 2.80$ for 1000 views. They offer different rates for mobile and desktop traffic. The rates for mobile traffic are slightly higher than desktop traffic, so, if you have some quantity of mobile traffic then you can make good revenue with this URL shortener.

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In addition to their higher payout rates, they also provide some advanced tools that you can use to maximize your earning. These tools also make the job easier for website owners and developers to monetize their websites and apps. The tools offered by it are Mass Shrinker, Quick link, Full Page Script and Developer API.

Also, it offers an advanced live stats reporting system to all its users to earn money. Also its very helpful to check link stats, date, earnings, referral commission, Time, Referrals etc.


  • Best features offered by CutWin to publishers:

Good referral commission
Good support
High CPM rates
Easy to use, and earn money
Multiple tools
Live stats
Various payment methods
Easy to join
User-friendly ads


  • CutWin Payment Information:

It was paying up to $2.80/1000 visits.
Its minimum cashout limit is only $1.
Weekly payment.
Good referral commission.
Currently, it offers 20% referral commission to all its users.
Pays using multiple payment methods.


  • Payment Proof:

  • CutWin Payment Methods and Minimum withdrawal limits:

Vodafone Cash


  • CutWin Referral Program:

Currently, also offers an attractive referral program to all its users, which is 20% referral commission for lifetime, all you have to do is to refer other users to them.



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